Friday, October 30, 2015

Why the Warlord should be in 5e Dungeons and Dragons.

"When they walk into a room everyone seems to hush, as if expecting a speech. People are enthralled and their size always seems to be bigger then life. Even a gnome warlord seems to stand tall in the mind of a half-orc, and he makes a common man feel like he can do great deeds."
mellored  - 

One of the great things about the warlord class in 4e as it created a real agony of choice with the cleric.
  • If you took a Cleric, you had greater healing abilities.
  • If you took a Warlord, you might be able to shave a round or two off your fight, saving more hp then the cleric could heal.

It should exist in 5e for the following reasons.

1. it fulfils a niche that currently isn't covered in 5e dnd (martial leader).

2. Two words: Dark Sun. It also allows a great alternative when you don't want to deal with gods in your world or game. With this class in place, you don't need to overhaul the game to get similar coverage. 

3. It has a fan base. By not doing it, they're practically throwing money away.

Spellcasters need competition. I believe in the "agony of choice" when it comes to character design and honestly, 5e is following (but not to the same degree as dungeons and dragons 3.0/3.5) of favouring spellcasters over non-spellcasters.

As for what actions, I want a mechanic where I can give up my action, to give it to somebody else an action with a bonus, or get somebody to move, or to get everybody to dive under cover without resorting to spells.

If the name offends you because of his fighting connotations, use the 3e term Marshal or Mundane Bonus Booster (or MBB for short).

The thing is the base covers a wide variety of concepts:

1. Let's go for the classic example: Julius Caesar. A 43 year old politician turned warrior that laid the foundation of the Roman Empire.   He sure as hell wasn't a fighter.
2. A Rescued Princess/Prince that gives bonuses to their party while getting into peril.
3. A Kobold mascot, whose dapper attitude makes him/her adored by all.
4. An singular ŇĆendan with a set of flags that cheer-leads the rest of the team to victory.
5. Captain America: Y
es you could make the argument that his super soldier serum makes him a fighter, but in a world where you have Hulk and Thor on the team, his biggest advantage has always been his charisma and his leadership skills.
6. King Arthur of the Britains.  His main skill was not his force of arms, but his leadership ability.

Other ideas include (quoted from Manbearcat in
"Or Hannibal from the A Team. Or Mick from Rocky. Or Colonel Troutman in Rambo. Or Bilbo/Frodo in the Hobbit and LotR. There are plenty of examples in genre fiction.

Or mommy kissing boo-boos away!"

So ultimately hating the warlord is to be  against mommy's and America. :p

More seriously, the warlord should be including because 1. it full-fills a niche that currently isn't covered in the game and 2. by not having it, those who like the class are being told by the community it's bad wrong fun.

I like my gaming to be inclusive. :)


  1. You probably want to edit mellored's first sentence, or not use it. You're missing a word.

    In any case, Banneret and Battle Master seem to fill all my Warlord needs. One is the charismatic fighter, the other is the tactical fighter. Maybe we could have an insightful build.

    You separate Warlords out from other fighters, and it starts becoming weird. Where is the line drawn? These should be abilities that all Fighters can access.

    My main issue is that only the Battle Master uses maneuvers and their dice. Really, this could have been the core mechanic of martial combat in contrast to spell-casting, but instead they decided to make most martial specialists boring with flat modifiers rather than a list of options they could use at any given time. It's almost like they think the guy who plays the fighter only wants to go "I attack!" and not think about it further.

    1. To be fair, I think there's a subset at least for whom that's true.

    2. Havent been following 5e ... have they ever included something decent on this issue?