Saturday, October 3, 2015

Deathrace against the Patriarchy

We decided to try The Fast, the Furious, and the Feminist.

We decided to use the Ryan Macklin cards to fill in the blank spots.

Our story is called Deathrace against the Patriarchy

The year is the futuristic year of 1955

Our heroes are:
Cassie F.: Secretly, her f is short for frankeinstein and is unwilling to confirm whether it was the doctor or the monster.  She has monster hunters after her.
Her customized weapon is a black and red rhinestone  tommy gun.
Her car is the Down Deb a stripped down Jallopy.
Flashbacks: When she's being chased, she gets flashbacks.  They are always in black and white and not always within her lifetime.

Jeannie:  She's an older gal whose rumored to have been run out of hollywood after slugging the director.
She racing against the Patriarchy.
Catch phrase " are you ready for your close up <pow!>.
Quirks: always rolls for feels
Customized weapon: no one is sure, but it's under the dashboard. She keeps saying "nobody has seen it."
Her car is the Purring P a teal cadillac

She may have had a kid out of wedlock (oh nose!)

Location: The mean streets of Milkwalkie

Gang name: C-GEE (because they cannot decide on anything else)

Encounter 1:

"while you were casing silverback road for the next race, you saw the canadian motorpiggers  also casing it.

Cassie f rolled the following
Fast: 1
Furious: 3
Fiction: 4
Femminism: 5

Jeannie  rolled the following

Fast: 2
Furious: 5
Fiction: 6
Femminism: 6
Feelings: 5

based on the backstory card, cassie (too slow) was politely pulled over by the canadian motorpiggers  that was tense (Jeannie was grabbing her weapon from underneth the

dashboard) until they began to talk and appeared friendly (especially after Jeannie turned on the deep, confident, sexy, voice).  After a polite conversation, we made nice

on both  scouting out the road and giving the canadian motorpiggers kudos that can be cashed in at a later time.


Encounter 2

"you and PC were travelling to the "soda shop" when they encountered hostility from FBI.

Fast: 3
Furious: 4
Fiction: 3
Femminism: 3
Feelings: 4
Flashback 2

Fast: 4
Furious: 4
Fiction: 2
Femminism: 2
Feelings: 4
Flashback: 1

As they pull up to the race, they realize they are being tailed. Purring P floored it, but the Down Deb took longer to rev.  It becomes a drag race, but they start racing each


The race disappears from both of their minds as a flashback occurs.

Jeannie's flashback is to the orphanage where she had to give away her child out of WEDLOCK! to a man in black.  Her lip quivered, but she dealt with it like a woman.

Cassie also has a flashback at the same time. It appeared as  a turn of the century film reil of a Baveran castle.  She is in a tower with steps being heard coming to the door.

She avoids causing a crash as she jolted herself back into reality before the door opens.

Writer's note:
It was at this point, we decided that all dice would be rolled and had no clue how to health and didn't care.

Next round

Fast: 5
Furious: 4
Fiction: 2
Femminism: 5
Feelings: 5
Flashback: 6

Fast: 6
Furious: 5
Fiction: 5
Femminism: 6
Feelings: 4
Flashback: 3

Cassie and Jeannie leave the Gmen in the dust, but tempers flare as they continue to race.  As Jeannie pulls ahead, her flashbacks kicks her fury into high gear.  Jeannie sees a guy and a girl on the road driving ahead and she cuts them off, where the couple is forced to stop.

Cassie pulls herself together, despite lagging behind.  She's been here before as her flashback also happens in black and white, but instead it was 2 decades ago before she was born?  The rotary car phone goes off.  Cassie pulls over and picks up the phone.  It is a manly voice on the back saying "they passed the test."


It honestly felt like a great way to setup a plot and less of an actual game, but we might have been doing it wrong.

We had no idea how to track damage, or use difficulty for enemies.

We had no idea of equivelent of  Radiance

Still it was a blast (but that might have been our insanity).

BTW this is a lot more fun if you yell out "flashback" when you roll the die. :D


  1. Genie :P that was my character. We had a lot of fun subverting tropes for sure. As more crunch RPG player, it was decidedly weird for me personally to be building a story rather than moving characters around and the classic stuff I'm use to. F, F & F was quit cool since it opened up a lot of interesting ideas that we could run with that we may use for other systems.

    Just shooting the breeze we also came up with ideas for a Luchador Circus we may come across, finding a connection between Genie and Cassie's backgrounds as well as numerous other weird and wonderful things that lead us to the unofficial sub-title, as seen above: "I think we're doing to it wrong (but we don't care)".

  2. You also forgot our story of how the phrase "cheese it" originated in milwalkee :p,