Sunday, October 4, 2020

For the Dungeon - Adventureland - We'll Need another Batgnome

We return to the dystopian dungeon building where we celebrate Jimmy's, a young dragon's birthday party.

The real treasure is the rules that makeup in the way.

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Sunday, September 13, 2020

Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Muppets Now...well Now...some thoughts

 alrighty my full thoughts.

1. Using Scooter rather then Kermit as a framing device was a great choice.  It's like when Gonzo stepped up after hensons death. As defining him as the poor struggling content creator it really hits a lot of nerves (reminds me of what we wanted tgwtg to be).

2. Surprisingly few Muppets.   They have at most about a dozen appear.  Most of the classic Muppets are cameo artists.

3. Too much Piggy.  They are doing a good job with her, but they keep using her in everything.   Lifesty(le) is descent enough and Uncle Deadly as her straight man works, and I like Linda Cardellini as her bff, but when she leaks into other sections, she acts as a drain.

4. The Swedish Chef cook off challenge is great, but one note.  It's quality is completely dependent on the cooker.  Danny Trejo worked because he can cook, act and has great comedic timing (a triple threat).  but some of the other cook offs feel like its letting the air out of the room.

5. I do like the parody of mythbusters that Bunsen and Beaker do, complete with disclaimer from their lawyer (great new character).  It does a great job explaining scientific ideas and if anything beaker is picked on less then in the original series.

6. Peppi's game show isn't funny.  Needs serious retooling.

7. Gary showing other skills of muppets works better then expected, but Kermit as a photobomber kinda sucked.  Uncle Deadly showing chordeographed combat was awesome.

8. the guest interviews for the most part, don't work.  the one time it did work was with Fozzie (where for all my grumbles of the abc show, his changes actually worked and he is funny now) with the evil babies.

What I want:

1. an internet review show where they interview other internet sensations.  Of course they would be muppet sensations that would be used to test out new material.

2. Gonzo the great becomes a Spoony expy.  he creates original content but it is wierd and often requires Rizzo and friends to ensure that it doesn't go too out of the box.  i want a fake review of final fantasy or ultima dag nab it.  As well as get obsessed with the guest star and some of their more rare works.

3. I've long maintained I wanted a Red Green like Handyman's Corner staring Sweetums.  This format makes it work.

4. I want a Ralph the dog section where he goes over the history (completely fabricated) of  muppet music from the past.  Electric Mayham often guests and it goes about as well as expected.

5. A conspiracy website (not sure whom they should use).  It mainly talks about the great fraggle conspiracy.  Also the consistant rumor that Kermit might actually be Batman, as per this classic joke.

6. With Scooter acting as framing device, I can't think of a better time to do Skeeter as her overachieving sister for contrast.  Make her a fitness nut that really rubs miss piggy the wrong way.

7.  Robin and other young muppets keep sneaking in "ding dong" 2 minute clips into the file of random stuff they found.

8. parody of current youtube commercials as done by muppets that go horribly wrong.

expect this list to grow.


Sunday, September 6, 2020