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Star Wars - The Last Jedi. - some thoughts - warning spoilers.

I've done some stewing on it and realized it is a bit of a mess.

It also feels like it's missing connective tissue.  Nothing as particularly glaring as Leia and Chewbacca not hugging over the death of their closest friend/lover and instead of hugging the protagonist.  It just needed a line here and there. 

however, like everybody else, I'm putting in my own two cents.

1. Closed Ideas.  Every scene needed a proper beginning, middle and end of the movie before throwing new ideas at them.  It's what made Empire strikes back one of the strongest movies of all time.  A great example of this is when Rei and Kylo are reaching out to each other and luke breaks the connection.  that scene wasn't completed and it felt cut midstream.

2. the passive-aggressive nature of Luke Skywalker.  why did Luke leave a bread trail he didn't want others to follow.  An easy way to fix this is simple:  He didn't. R2 did.  just a simple line of his favorite astromech telling him off could set it up.

3. Finn:  the worst thing they did was have Finn show up in a comedic scene when he woke up.  it stunk and took away from the scene.  You can't make him funny anymore because it has bad timing and his story arc felt a little jarring.

4. Rose: I like Rose, but we had a stronger connection to her sister who died in the first five minutes.  And seeing Rose Actions later, does this mean that her people are lemmings?  I hope she's allowed to actually do something next episode.

5. BB-8 needs personality  After some amazing droid characters, bb-8 is little more than a magic 8 ball.  Contrast it with r2d2, c3p0, ig-88, chomper, hk-77, K-2SO and hell even the trade federation battle droids.  The only thing we know is he is a little  (which puts r2 in the prequels to shame) and Poe really loves him.

6. If Finn and Rose have to be on Snoke's ship,  have the magic 8 ball assisted with c3p0 "I'm a pro of sneaking around in imperial places."  with them.  As stated before, the magic 8 ball doesn't have much personality and it would be a great way to show more of a personality by playing off c-3p0 (make him super polite to create an additional dynamic and contrast to r2). This use of a team makes it easier to hand off the torch to the next generation.  Plus it saves the scene at space Vegas by cutting down one more set (completely unneeded for the final scene which did a great job).

7. Holdo felt like a walk on a tv show.  Can you imagine Poe butting heads with Admiral Akbar instead and it was his last stand instead.  She should have been either setup in episode 7 because while the actor did a great job, I had no emotional attachment to her.  So even when she's right, she's dead before we knew her.

8.  Needed more aliens.  This is more of a personal quirk, but star wars introduced me to alien player characters.  I'm seriously glad Chewbacca is still there, and he's still kicking ass, but that was a whopping 5 minutes.  They blew up Ackbar in the first act and it honestly cheesed me off. I understand the actor died between sets, but for all the multiculturalism of the staff, they are all stinking humans (save that one morn like guy that doesn't even get a line).  Hell, I'd be happy to have an elderly wicket in an x-wing whose been around the galaxy.  Say what you want about Ewoks, they were alien cannibalistic teddy bears that for all their comedy, could seriously haunt your dreams when you think about it.

Now that I've triggered you with Ewoks, I point you to the numerous better choices of aliens in the star wars universe that you could have picked.  The Gaff, The Gran, The Rodian, or even a Jawa could have satisfied that itch.

The acting itself was fine.  Mark Hamil and Carrie Fisher knocked their roles out of the park and Rey and Kylo did a descent job defining their characters.  Poe had a descent story arc and it was fun watching a lot of the tropes we expect from star wars fall flat on their face.

When all is said and done, it's about the same as episode III.  A descent movie with some mistakes here and there.

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Please find Dragonbait

I have been requested by the Saurial Council to spread this letter.


To Dragonbait,

Now is this a way for a legend such as yourself to act?

The world hasn't left you, you know.  I would like to assure you that we have returned to the Lost Vale and are doing better then ever.

Come back.  We miss you.

Please come back and we will have you take your rightful place in the Saurial Council.

Even if you do not want a place on the council, we should take care of you in your golden years.  You haven't become senile and wandered off into the jungle, have you?  We've also heard that you're looking quite frail.  Was it a wight or similar energy draining creature that has caused you to not advance over a 200 year period?  Those things are dangerous, you know.  We just want to make sure you're safe.

What happened to Alias?  I know it was a long time ago, but we were hoping her magical nature would increase her longevity.  Did she come to a terrible end?  If so, we will mourn her loss as a great leader and saviour of our people.

To any adventurers reading this letter, please return him and you will be rewarded.  Please take care of him.

Your Sincerely

Sweet Thorn, Flyer representative of the Lost Vale.


To see Sweet Thorn and her opinions of the other races, see The Saurials of the Lost Vale.

See below for the link.

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Space Ninjas - Episode 10 - Girls, Brains and Hot Rodds

Part 1
Part 2
In the first part of a new epic, our heroes get involved in the wakk-ki races.

They encounter pirates, ninjas and just a little bit of mayhem.

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A Deepspawn Ecosystem

I wrote this up a while back and seeing if it asmuses.


A buddy of mine was interested in creating an aberration ecosystem and after some stewing,  I created this.  It uses the various dungeons and dragons monster manuals from 3rd edition. :)

including this for ease of identification.

1. Deepspawn Mother (new creation): Cross a Deepspawn with an elder brain. Telepathically linked to all of her children 
2. Deep Spawn (standard): her daughters. They are usually act as advisers and to breed new "children".
3. Grell: The philosophers and advisers of the Mother. While they are active as hunters, they are more often then not Grell philosophers that often double by taking the hat of mad scientist as well.
4. Cloakers: the sentries of the Mother. They often watch and report back what they see.
5. Gibbering Mouthers: believed to be the most favoured of the Mother, they are more often then not thrown in with prisoners to teach their victims, the folly of their ways. 
6. Skum: What the Mother makes from the victims of the gibbering mothers. a slave race that tends to the "good work."
7. Piercers/Ropers: The ropers often after as support structure for the Mother's dwellings.
8. Maulgoth: The diggers of the Mother.  They hollow out the earth so the rest can live in there.
9. Ocularon: one of the many experiments of the Grell Philosophers. It is used much like a land mine and is directed where needed.
7. Rurkanyr: created when the Mother needs to go on the offence.
8. Skybleeder: used as the "airforce" of the Mother's forces. 
9. Slashath: kept as pets by the Mother's forces.
10. Tunnel Terror: sometimes it's just easier to fill a corridor with a giant worm and let it eat invaders.
11. Avolaki: used as an invasive species on enemy territory . these nauseating creatures are used to soften forces by capturing enemies and using for breeding stock.
12. Fihyr: the Mother collects the psychic terror of it's victims and creates these from the essence.
13. Hook Horror: if we could communicate with them, we might find a sympathetic ear. They are the gardeners and overseers of the Skum.
14. Meenlock: When the Mother wants to create something other then skum, this is one of her many experiments.
15. Moonbeasts: the treasurers of the Mother. They take inventory of the spoils of war and exploration. Their Obsession is ingrained in their nature.
16. Wystes: used as a food source for many of their other children. It is produced by the ton and kept in huge breeding pools.
17. Quaraphon: These full fill the "ogre niche" in the mothers culture. these brutes are created and sent out to scour the land.
18. Rot Reaver: created to eat the dead and undead. Many a vampire or lich was absolutely blindsided by armies of these creatures when they were produced by the Mother.
19. Runehound: The trackers of the Mother. often sent out to track down creatures that flee.
20. Serylum: used as a defacto navy in the many underground lakes and oceans. 
21. Shrieking Terror: used as a weapon when the Mother's anger is raised.
22. Stonesingers: The bard's of the Mother's court. She finds their music soothing while it drives others insane.
23. Carrion Crawler: These are very common in the Mother's settlements as they are scavengers that are sometimes harnessed. They almost have the goblin niche.
24. Chuul: The "marines" of the Mother's forces.
25. Grick: They are used as short term patrols
26 Mimics: The personal shapeshifter of the Mother. They act as guardians, but there is rumours of an intelligent version that acts as the Mother's personal assassin (think john carpenter's the thing).

the Aboleth's, Beholder's and Illithids, while they have their own communities, pay respect to the Mother for in all of their tales it was her that created them from the primordial ooze of creation. The Aboleth's genetic memory confirms this as they were created as "storage" devices by the Mother so they would always remember.

feel free to grab what works and tweak what doesn't. 

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Storm Giant's Shotgun - Part 6 - Dukes of Hobgoblins

Part 1
Part 2

Our heroes venture deal with the zhents, fight hobgoblins in pickup and end up with Longsaddle.

shenanigans every step of the way.

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The Acme Zodiac

Okay since all the cool kids seem to be doing zodiacs, I'm doing my own based on one of my most favourite franchises of all time

Presenting the Acme Zodiac:
(you guys can project which month symbol applies to you)

Anvil:  People born in this month have a complete devotion to their beliefs and are so hard headed they will not change them.
Barrel: People born in this month appear to be completely composed, but can explode in a moment's notice.  Best to approach with caution.
Billboard: People born under this sign like to market at all times, and are often named Joe.
Carrot: This iconic symbol represents modest virtue and people born in this month are humble until their dander is brought up.
Catapult:  These people fling themselves into new and exciting scenarios that may require a parachute.
Hammer:  People born in this month are looking for a nail and will slam it down on any passerby.
Plunger: People born with this talk a big game, but almost never follow through.
Record: People born in this month are repetitious and have a scratchy voice.
Rocket:  People born in this month have this urge to be in action, at the expense of not looking before they leap.
Shotgun:  Despite it's weapon connotations, people born under this sign are simple, but surprisingly flexible.
Tin Can:  These people are usually quite bland, but once you pop the lid, they become an exhibitionist
Top Hat:  These people are consummate performers and will randomly burst out in song.  They will also only perform when they choose to.

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MetaCon II - MLSS: Spirit of 77 - A Thai Magnum BJ
Our plot thickens that involve the reveal of the plot , break and entry and a possible future drago race.

MetaCon I - MLSS: Spirit of 77 - bikers and cowboys and fanboys oh my!

Part 1
Part 2
You loved Space Ninjas.  now learn the horrible truth behind the scenes.

sorry for the delay, but their were problems of the twitch stream.

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Storm Giant's Shotgun - Part 5 - We Didn't Start the Fire.

Part 1
Part 2
Our heroes finally run into the frost giant hero and show they can mitigate a chimera without violence.

They also want to comment they didn't start the fire.

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Canadian Day Weekend Special - Food Inspectors - Try the Sausage
We start a new game where we act as food inspectors in a dystopian future.

This is an educational episode where we learned about babaco.

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Storm Giant's Shotgun - Part 4 - Hitchhiking Ogresses,

Part 1
Part 2

Our heroes mosey in their Studenbaker and meet hitchhiking ogresses, parties and a potentials arms deal with the Zhentariam that may involve maple syrup.

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MLSS: The Eschaton - Return to Boogieworld

Part 1
Part 2 

We return to brad's game test where commie truckers scheme with totalitarian spy agencies, and dogs are brought up for a commission for first strike capabilities.

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Lords of Chaos - Part 8 - 50 shades of grey elves

Our heroes survive many shenanigans in an urban environment before dealing with a displacer beast of the sewers.

There is also a marriage proposal.

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MLSS: The Eschaton

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

We take another crack at Brad's world with new characters and a new group.

Warning: includes neuro interfaced hobbits and conglomerate life forms. :D

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Lords of Chaos - Part 7 - The Devil wears a Cardigan

Part 1
Part 2
With the return of our fearless leader, our heroes go to a party, with expected results.

NSFW mainly due to a drow orgy. :p

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Lords of Chaos - Part 6 - one Knight in Waterdeep.

Part 1
Part 2

Our heroes finally arrive in Waterdeep and after droping off an ancient and mostly evil artifact end up on the night on the town and drafting urchins, painting pictures and prepping for gang wars.

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Space Ninjas - episode 7 - Never Stuff a Cheese Sandwich against Someone's Will

Part 1 
Part 2
Our heroes end up in the machine in order to save Good Yuri from Evil Yuri.

It involved digital spiders, evil heads and cheese sandwiches.

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Storm Giant's Shotgun - part 2 - Trees can fly?!

Part 1
Part 2

Our heroes fight an unending battle against a hill giant assault that results in spells, automatic fire and a flying tree,

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Storm Giant's Shotgun - part 1 - Technical Difficulties and Massive Amounts of Grain.

Part 1
Part 2

Excuse the delay, had technical issues that started in the middle of the podcast.


Our heroes start this adventure in Goldenfield where ogres find out about automatic fire first hand. :)

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Princess Force - or what happens when I'm bored and watch Disney Movies

I did some thinking a while back on this topic and came up with a disney afternoon type show called "Princess Force"

Imagine a Charlie's angel type show set in a modern setting:

Jasmine: The Financier and planner: After her amazon training, she decided that the best way to deal with most issues is with her cell phone. Uses a staff cane that has a lot of buttons.
Mulan: The Mercenary: Trained in multiple arts and is an ex patriot from china. If we can get guns past the radar, she gets them, otherwise, sticking with her signature sword.
Belle: The Brains: She learned from Mechanicles during one of his more lucid periods and now is a master of "wonderful toys." Giving her a steam punk feel.
Rapunzel: The Muscle: She has trained under Jasmine and Mulan to get her hair to give her foes "split ends"
Merida: The Sniper: Also fulfills the "wolverine" of the group
Cinderella: The Spy: She falls under the guard of most people and sends back valuable intel. Also has become surprisingly good with a blackjack. .
Snow White: The Druid: Forgive me, but the single best scene from shrek iii was when snow white called in her animal friends and so she does this a lot. She's also squad leader and is more of queen bee then in the original story.
Tinkerbell: The Wild Card: support for Cinderella and also flight support as needed.

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Remember Tomorrow - part 2 - Quantum Flux.

Part 1
Part 2

not only do we get the exciting conclusion, but we also have some fun prepping for storm giant's shotgun, an exciting experience involving random background tables. :D

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Remember Tomorrow - part 1 - Let's Get Biblical

Part 1
Part 2

A new game in a post oil crash Cyberpunk Vegas somehow ended up with Christians, Corporate Egyptians and a Babel AI.

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The Minotaurs of the Stonelands - Available now!

The Minotaurs of the Stonelands

From the Depths of the Stonelands, a strange society is revealed at last.  The Stoneland Minotaurs have adapted well to this harsh land and have created a unique culture that is all their own.
The history of the Stoneland Minotaurs.
Playing a Minotaur, both the race and the culture within.
The Old Sod, a new settlement with plot hooks a plenty.
Sod this!!!, an adventure where a plucky bunch of minotaurs retake their home.

Click on the Link to get to the DM's Guild


The Game of Wormsmacker, the ancestrial game of the Minotaurs is revealed at last.   This small, but engrossing pamphlet reveals how to play this game for the 5e system.  

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Space Ninjas - episode 6 - I don't know what color friendship is?

Part 1
Part 2

In this episode, our epic heroes find themselves in an inception filled world filled with green dust turrets and chutes.
It also ends with a monologue duel.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Space Ninjas - episode 5 - Running is Half the Battle

Part 1
Part 2
 After a misadventure in the holo simulator involving spaceships, our heroes go on a mission to rescue Rando from Brizoids, ronin and our own.

Lords of Chaos - Part 4 - Great Dwavern Zombies

Part 1
Part 2 

Despite missing our master Flyer Rogue, our heroes soldier on in to the depths of the dungeon.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lords of Chaos - Part 3 - Inns and Whine!

Part 1
Part 2

Our heroes protect our friends inn and move the wine as per Mrs. M.'s dictates, with plenty of shenanigans.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Space Ninjas - episode 4 - She Stole my Snark and my Heart.

Part 1
Part 2

Our heroes run slow on snark and coffee and try to resolve it with a concert and stealing.

and a new character arrives in the game.