Thursday, March 16, 2017

Princess Force - or what happens when I'm bored and watch Disney Movies

I did some thinking a while back on this topic and came up with a disney afternoon type show called "Princess Force"

Imagine a Charlie's angel type show set in a modern setting:

Jasmine: The Financier and planner: After her amazon training, she decided that the best way to deal with most issues is with her cell phone. Uses a staff cane that has a lot of buttons.
Mulan: The Mercenary: Trained in multiple arts and is an ex patriot from china. If we can get guns past the radar, she gets them, otherwise, sticking with her signature sword.
Belle: The Brains: She learned from Mechanicles during one of his more lucid periods and now is a master of "wonderful toys." Giving her a steam punk feel.
Rapunzel: The Muscle: She has trained under Jasmine and Mulan to get her hair to give her foes "split ends"
Merida: The Sniper: Also fulfills the "wolverine" of the group
Cinderella: The Spy: She falls under the guard of most people and sends back valuable intel. Also has become surprisingly good with a blackjack. .
Snow White: The Druid: Forgive me, but the single best scene from shrek iii was when snow white called in her animal friends and so she does this a lot. She's also squad leader and is more of queen bee then in the original story.
Tinkerbell: The Wild Card: support for Cinderella and also flight support as needed.

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