Thursday, April 28, 2016

Abe Jenkins - a man criminally underrated

I like Abe Jenkins

Whether it was as the Beetle, or as his heroic persona Mach <insert number here>, he represents a character that would be awesome to see more of.

Mach (Abe Jenkins)

Note: this was originally written during the thunderprison era. quite a bit has changed.


What he needs is a defined powerset (aka signature weapons) for his power armor and/or some tweaks that show his progression that makes it easy to follow in a battle situation and for writers to quickly figure out how to use him.

For example he keeps getting defined as a jet aircraft in a powersuit.

so here's my thought for the armor:

1. modular rotary arm mounts - usually goes for the stun blasters, but will "mount up" to heavier weapons if needed...such as railguns for going against the big boys.

hmm actually this needs to be his signature weapon...and for this I'm opened to suggestions.

2. automatic grenade launchers - located on the back to act as cheap bombing. More often then not flash bangs, but again can use more lethal armament. A payload of 40 or so that can be fired out single or in volleys of 2 to 4. They also have proximity fuses for airbursting.

3. shoulder rocket launchers. - reserved for heavy blasting and careful targeting. Wire guided, but also ladar if it doesn't work. Can be fired one at a time or in volley's of 2, 4, 8 or 12. Payload 24.

4. retractable vibroblades on the arm. Despite being an arial platform, in the marvel universe it's just too easy to close to hand to hand. The blades give a way of fighting back at close.

5. electro-shock feedback: basically if he's being grappled or touched...he can generate a very short ranged electro pulse to those in physical contact.

6. chameleon signal: he is able to modulate the signal of his armor to disappear.

7. non stick coating: webbing and other adhesives fall off his armor.

8. satielitte link: the armor should have access to satellite internet and more secure info, ranging from meterological info to a google search. 

Abe quite literally can surf for info in the heat of battle :P

other features.


ground 40 mph. Which means even on the ground he should be leaving most human level heroes in the dust.

fly speed: cruising speed is about 500 mph, but can push into overdrive to mach 2 (761.2). 
The armor also has vector thrust system that can stop on a dime and hover.

maximum altitude: 16,000 feet

underwater capabilities: if need be, it can use it's jet thrusters to go at 70 mph with a dept of 3,000 feet

electro suction: a holdover from the old beetle armor, the mach armor can stick to surfaces using it's limbs. 

optics: full optics including laser targeting, telescopic, passive nightvision (light amplification), thermo-imaging, infrared, ultraviolet and polarization. As well as limited radar on tall and/or arial targets within 5 miles.

other notes: abe wears a g-stress suit underneth the armor to take the pressure changes of flying at high speed.

neural interface helmet. This allows him to respond faster then human levels.


Now a writer has a rough idea of how to use abe. He can act as a tricorder on the field, a scout and bombing platform in the air, and even has a few close combat capabilities when things get out of his comfort zone.

While not in iron man's league, he still would be a nightmare on the battlefield even against most metas. 


That's a look at the armor, let's look at the man:

The man was originally a master mechanic who was disfranchised at his job.

He was originally interested in fame and money and it's why he did a ton of bank robberies as the beetle.

his redemption was due to these factors. As a hero, he managed to finally got the fame and fortune that he craved as a villain.

but he's still a glorified jailer.

he's with his two best friends, but he can tell that they are falling apart. Melissa is being groomed for the avenger team, while Nobert dark side is starting to show up.

Whom will he support? He's still a hero, but peer pressure is a pain.

plus he's still not a fan of spiderman. honestly, despite his hero status, he would go after the webslinger and use his weapon systems if he ever became a menace.

and seeing as JJJ is mayor, he would be willing to do so, if he didn't have higher priorities.

honestly abe is nice guy who turned his life around, but that's not where the story should end.

He should be a bit of a cheerleader for the thunderbolts program, both for the fact it turned his life around, but it's another dose of the fame that he still craves deep down.

and deep down, in spite of himself, he still carries a torch for the only woman he has ever loved. Even if they aren't a couple anymore, there's little he wouldn't do for her.

only his best friend would get in the way of all that. when he's with nobert, they should almost sound like doctor rodney mckay and doctor zelinka from atlantis. They are friends who've been through a lot and enjoy talking shop immensely, being two very smart men.

if we see this before, if fixer does betray melissa and forces him to choose, it will break a friendship we enjoyed watching and will feel loss.

all while staying true to the character.

I ask you, wouldn't you want to see such a character?


Now with recent events and the introduction of the mcu and the softening of the spiderman character line, I seriously hope he plays a role if they ever get to thunderbolts.

Here's to seeing what their plan is with the mcu and how it proceeds. :)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Marvel Villain Therapy Session

The following are a few select recordings from various marvel villain's therapy sessions.

feel free to add others in the comments. 

Sandman: Every time I become a hero, I get the feeling that my history is rewritten so I'm back to being a villain again.

Deadpool: I have tumors covering almost 80% of my skin and laugh because if I didn't, I'd cry uncontrollably.

Sabertooth: Do you really want to know my backstory? <switch to therapist rocking back and forth in the corner>.
<seriously creed's history is bloody horrific>.

Beetle/Mach/Abe Jenkins: Why do I have to keep coming here? I became a hero decades ago. No I'm not here because I'm a middle aged tech genius attracted to an awesome ex villain who decided that we should "just be friends." No my power armor isn't my response to a mid life crisis.

Random: I literally am a child trapped in an adult's body...bloody mutant traits.

Rogue: I kissed a Spaceknight and I think I liked it so much I became a hero. Now only if Mom understood. 

Spiral: Yes, I'm a horribly overworked and under-appreciated super-genius whose horrifically deformed thanks to her boss. Thanks for noticing. I should put you on a reality tv show for that.

Mystique: I'm over a hundred years old you clod. It didn't work with freud and it won't work now. A side effect with living that long is you leave a ton of loved ones behind.
Yeah, Creed and I stay in regular contact for one reason more then any other: we know the other one will still be around.

M.O.D.O.K. : I was the original deformed test tube baby and your wondering why I'm antisocial?

Omega Red: I'm a living weapon from a lifetime ago whom was never used. Weapons have feelings too you know.

Taskmaster: Sorry whom were you again?

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Childhood Television Memories - Part 6 - The 90's - TLC

This was also the era when TLC was one of my favourite channels.  this is a listing of Shows from this era to show how much it has fallen.

Ancient Warriors

Great Castles of Europe.

The Secret Life of Machines 

Spelljammer, some thoughts.

I like Spelljammer.

It was one of my most favorite concepts tsr ever came up with.

The problem is purist poo poo most things that don't come from classical fantasy, and spelljammer is a living example of defying that trope (see also the blackmoor, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, etc).

It also suffers from being connective tissue in 2e rather then it's own setting.

So here's what I would do. 
Personally I would have done it as a sort of babylon 5 setting.

Ultimately the Galaxy would split up into separate races that control different quadrants
- different crystal spheres floating through a philostein that mixes in different parts
- the flow is modified by ley lines (mana, divine, psionic) that causes different sphere to interact with each other.
- Starbeasts - used to block out routes between the crystal spheres

Key races include 


- the oldest of the space races
- setup psionic conduits to get what they want
- surprisingly civilized, yet can be callous and ruthless
- very powerful and alien.
- in spite of their coolness hostility to the other races, they appear to be dealing with something that terrifies them (with the understanding that virtually nothing terrifies illithids).


- Their domains have wwII industrial feel. They have metal carriers and ironclads as well as strange magic to attract asteroids for resources.
- use press gangs/prisoners as labour but actually pay prisoners for quotas.
- They are also known for bottling outsiders and creating "demon missiles" to use on targets.


- Like in the original, they are the British empire of the galaxy. Their butterfly ships are the most manoeuvrable in the known universe. They send out seeds that land and teraform sphere's to be more "elf-friendly" as well as use organic space mines to quarantine off their enemies. Their main Elfworld is embedded into a giant tree starbeast.


-They are effectively Klingon- like and obsessed with honor and dueling. They are also somewhat obsessed with eugenics and are slowly, but surely pulling themselves out of being cannon fodder by use of magical breeding/genetic manipulation. They also have become amazing at breeding magical beasts and often throw them at their targets before engaging with their well equiped troops.


They have two major, but different factions:

1 - The Celestial Kingdom
- A Chinese space kingdom from which all others get the "mandate of heaven"
- One of the oldest human kingdoms 
- They use Feng Shui lines to manipulate magic and their ships.

2. The Imperial kingdom
- This space kingdom is Byzantium-like and a comparative new comer. They are bold, impressive and daring and are really upsetting the status quo as they seek out new info and bring it back to their wizard academy's.


- Space agrees with the little ankle biters. While not the biggest or the strongest, they have set themselves up as "honest brokers" and have become relentless in collecting stuff regarding their dragon legacy, and scavenging anything they can get. They often steal dragon eggs, raise the hatchling and then build their spelljammers around the dragon, acting as an outer shell, an environmental suit and weapons platform.


I might revisit once I've stewed on it a bit more, but tell me your thoughts on spelljammer. :)