Thursday, April 28, 2016

Abe Jenkins - a man criminally underrated

I like Abe Jenkins

Whether it was as the Beetle, or as his heroic persona Mach <insert number here>, he represents a character that would be awesome to see more of.

Mach (Abe Jenkins)

Note: this was originally written during the thunderprison era. quite a bit has changed.


What he needs is a defined powerset (aka signature weapons) for his power armor and/or some tweaks that show his progression that makes it easy to follow in a battle situation and for writers to quickly figure out how to use him.

For example he keeps getting defined as a jet aircraft in a powersuit.

so here's my thought for the armor:

1. modular rotary arm mounts - usually goes for the stun blasters, but will "mount up" to heavier weapons if needed...such as railguns for going against the big boys.

hmm actually this needs to be his signature weapon...and for this I'm opened to suggestions.

2. automatic grenade launchers - located on the back to act as cheap bombing. More often then not flash bangs, but again can use more lethal armament. A payload of 40 or so that can be fired out single or in volleys of 2 to 4. They also have proximity fuses for airbursting.

3. shoulder rocket launchers. - reserved for heavy blasting and careful targeting. Wire guided, but also ladar if it doesn't work. Can be fired one at a time or in volley's of 2, 4, 8 or 12. Payload 24.

4. retractable vibroblades on the arm. Despite being an arial platform, in the marvel universe it's just too easy to close to hand to hand. The blades give a way of fighting back at close.

5. electro-shock feedback: basically if he's being grappled or touched...he can generate a very short ranged electro pulse to those in physical contact.

6. chameleon signal: he is able to modulate the signal of his armor to disappear.

7. non stick coating: webbing and other adhesives fall off his armor.

8. satielitte link: the armor should have access to satellite internet and more secure info, ranging from meterological info to a google search. 

Abe quite literally can surf for info in the heat of battle :P

other features.


ground 40 mph. Which means even on the ground he should be leaving most human level heroes in the dust.

fly speed: cruising speed is about 500 mph, but can push into overdrive to mach 2 (761.2). 
The armor also has vector thrust system that can stop on a dime and hover.

maximum altitude: 16,000 feet

underwater capabilities: if need be, it can use it's jet thrusters to go at 70 mph with a dept of 3,000 feet

electro suction: a holdover from the old beetle armor, the mach armor can stick to surfaces using it's limbs. 

optics: full optics including laser targeting, telescopic, passive nightvision (light amplification), thermo-imaging, infrared, ultraviolet and polarization. As well as limited radar on tall and/or arial targets within 5 miles.

other notes: abe wears a g-stress suit underneth the armor to take the pressure changes of flying at high speed.

neural interface helmet. This allows him to respond faster then human levels.


Now a writer has a rough idea of how to use abe. He can act as a tricorder on the field, a scout and bombing platform in the air, and even has a few close combat capabilities when things get out of his comfort zone.

While not in iron man's league, he still would be a nightmare on the battlefield even against most metas. 


That's a look at the armor, let's look at the man:

The man was originally a master mechanic who was disfranchised at his job.

He was originally interested in fame and money and it's why he did a ton of bank robberies as the beetle.

his redemption was due to these factors. As a hero, he managed to finally got the fame and fortune that he craved as a villain.

but he's still a glorified jailer.

he's with his two best friends, but he can tell that they are falling apart. Melissa is being groomed for the avenger team, while Nobert dark side is starting to show up.

Whom will he support? He's still a hero, but peer pressure is a pain.

plus he's still not a fan of spiderman. honestly, despite his hero status, he would go after the webslinger and use his weapon systems if he ever became a menace.

and seeing as JJJ is mayor, he would be willing to do so, if he didn't have higher priorities.

honestly abe is nice guy who turned his life around, but that's not where the story should end.

He should be a bit of a cheerleader for the thunderbolts program, both for the fact it turned his life around, but it's another dose of the fame that he still craves deep down.

and deep down, in spite of himself, he still carries a torch for the only woman he has ever loved. Even if they aren't a couple anymore, there's little he wouldn't do for her.

only his best friend would get in the way of all that. when he's with nobert, they should almost sound like doctor rodney mckay and doctor zelinka from atlantis. They are friends who've been through a lot and enjoy talking shop immensely, being two very smart men.

if we see this before, if fixer does betray melissa and forces him to choose, it will break a friendship we enjoyed watching and will feel loss.

all while staying true to the character.

I ask you, wouldn't you want to see such a character?


Now with recent events and the introduction of the mcu and the softening of the spiderman character line, I seriously hope he plays a role if they ever get to thunderbolts.

Here's to seeing what their plan is with the mcu and how it proceeds. :)

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