Wednesday, August 9, 2017

The Acme Zodiac

Okay since all the cool kids seem to be doing zodiacs, I'm doing my own based on one of my most favourite franchises of all time

Presenting the Acme Zodiac:
(you guys can project which month symbol applies to you)

Anvil:  People born in this month have a complete devotion to their beliefs and are so hard headed they will not change them.
Barrel: People born in this month appear to be completely composed, but can explode in a moment's notice.  Best to approach with caution.
Billboard: People born under this sign like to market at all times, and are often named Joe.
Carrot: This iconic symbol represents modest virtue and people born in this month are humble until their dander is brought up.
Catapult:  These people fling themselves into new and exciting scenarios that may require a parachute.
Hammer:  People born in this month are looking for a nail and will slam it down on any passerby.
Plunger: People born with this talk a big game, but almost never follow through.
Record: People born in this month are repetitious and have a scratchy voice.
Rocket:  People born in this month have this urge to be in action, at the expense of not looking before they leap.
Shotgun:  Despite it's weapon connotations, people born under this sign are simple, but surprisingly flexible.
Tin Can:  These people are usually quite bland, but once you pop the lid, they become an exhibitionist
Top Hat:  These people are consummate performers and will randomly burst out in song.  They will also only perform when they choose to.

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