Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Minotaurs of the Stonelands - Available now!

The Minotaurs of the Stonelands

From the Depths of the Stonelands, a strange society is revealed at last.  The Stoneland Minotaurs have adapted well to this harsh land and have created a unique culture that is all their own.
The history of the Stoneland Minotaurs.
Playing a Minotaur, both the race and the culture within.
The Old Sod, a new settlement with plot hooks a plenty.
Sod this!!!, an adventure where a plucky bunch of minotaurs retake their home.

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The Game of Wormsmacker, the ancestrial game of the Minotaurs is revealed at last.   This small, but engrossing pamphlet reveals how to play this game for the 5e system.  

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