Thursday, October 15, 2015

Uses for a 10 foot pole.

Just a fun list of uses for any new gamers.

a) pushing open doors
b) prodding the floor/ground for weak spots, pits etc.
c) for leverage
d) tapping for hidden compartments
e) impromptu weapon (staff/spear)
f) impromptu bracing (sometimes requires pole to be shortened)
g) testing fluids for dangerous content
h) taking samples of liquids or slurries (attach a tube for flask to the end)
i) impromptu fishing pole
j) vault over pits
k) impromptu ladder (if it is a metal pole, and the char is light)
l) prodding holes and burrows for baddies
m) impromptu wooden pegs
n) testing places where your arm might go for scythe traps
o) testing places your hands might go for electrical trapes/runes
p) carrying foes/bodies (tie their hands and feet, and carry them as if on a spit
q) impromptu spit (for cooking)
r) impromptu cavalry defense (sharpen the end to make huge stakes, like the British archers used to do)
s) depth gauge
t) tripping hazard/trap to use against foes.
u) statue poker
v) Picking up keys/items with loops on them from the ground (especially if you tie/attach a hook to it)
w) Knocking down items from high places (tops of shelves, etc.)
x) food gatherer (knock fruits out of trees)
y) a way to hand things UP (especially w/ a hook attached). If hte guy who falls into a pit is the one with the rope, he can pass one end up (if he fails to toss the end up)
z) as a balancing rod while walking across a plank or tightrope.

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