Thursday, October 1, 2015

Supermarket Munchinkinism

This is a smartering of crazy ideas of making a supermarket into a weapon.


Well here's a few

First the information pasted from an old book.  (underground by mayfair games)

Rubber bands:  If they were edible, rubber bands would be mankind's greatest invention!  Is your gun's grip too small, or too smooth?  RUBBER BANDS!  Do your spare clips rattle and give you away as you sneak down the hallway?  RUBBER BANDS!  Is that pesky 'sapiens getting on your nerves?  RUBBER BANDS! (use five or ten.  They may not be as satisfying as piano wire, but they get the job done.)  With a little ingenuity and a bunch of rubber bands, anything can be accomplished.

Ultimate Guide to Shooting Rubber Bands

Duct Tape: What is the perfect companion to a woaking great handful of rubber bands?  A couple of brand new rolls of duct tape!  From home and automobile repair ro demolition and electrical jobs, the lovely silver tape is good for any task you can imagine!! If you've run out of place to strap a gun on your body, strap it on a larger weapon with duct tape!  Do you have a piece of equipment or a sentimental item, but no hook to hang it from?  Tape it to another piece of equipment!  If rubber bands were edible.  I'd have mine with a big side order of duct tape!


Now my other stuff:

Pop Cans: One of the cheapest distractions I know, just shake, crack open and spray.  Not to mention their use in traps (in a manner not unlike the grenade drop).

Aerosol cans: This is a great catalyst for explosions, for a lot of the cans inqude nitrous oxide.  Plus whip cream can do amazing things to an area   :D:)

Rubber Gloves - gaudy, but will avoid having your fingerprints left and will protect against a lot of bad liquids.  Best of all, they are desposable.

zippo/lighter - there is absolutely no reason why a person shouldn't have this for lighting fires. Get several, or if possible small containers of lighter fluid for other fun effects.

Pam:  With this you can put a non-stick surface anywhere.  Good for making slip areas and picking locks :D:P

Crazy glue:  Sticking two objects together is always in high demand.

Heavy syrups:  Whether chocolate or Corn syrup.  This stuff is great for "tagging things" and when made into a paint bomb does wonders.

corn starch - powder:  This stuff has  no scent: with a surgical gloves, it can be used to blow a dogs scent when being tract.

Corn Starch Tricks

Candles:  These little babies can be used for illumination and also as timers, if you can set it up with a wind shield.

Notepad and pencil:  You never know when you need to write something down.  If bruce campbell would have had this in armies of darkness, it would have been a far shorter movie.

Crayons: Easy to mark out an area in color, plus they can be melted down for a wide variety of uses.

Ammonia detergent: if left open, it creates a fairly effective teargas.

uses of ammonia

can's of spam:  This stuff can be used as a  skin conditioner, gun lubricant in the past, and be considered edible :D:P

bag full of bubblegum and bits of chocolate (5 cents), gummi worms, gummi bears:  Besides being used to win favor with difficult people, this can be used to jam up machinery.

Mirror: a defected sunbeam can be seen from orbit.  Great for signalling and looking around corners.

Twine and rope:  never have too much of this.  for binding things.  Hope you were a boyscout :D:P

Lightbulbs: improvised catrops.

Matches: things on fire.

Backpack: to carry the stuff.

Glad garbage bags: for the rest.  Also great for mixing stuff.

cutlery: knives are dang useful

Pocket knife:  Even a cheap one has it's uses.
scissors: more useful.

toilet paper: the obvious.

Crowbar: For moving stuff and a great club.

Broom handles:  same uses as a 10 foot pole.

Marbles: hee hee, bad guys go down :D:P

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