Sunday, July 12, 2015

Wonder Woman - Some Thoughts - Part 3

The main reason I posted this again is to see what I can learn from dialogue.

I wrote this a while ago and a few of my opinions have changed.

1. I still think WW has a Pygmailian aspect, otherwise Genocide would make no sense as a character.
However, I doubt any stories could be told because of both fan backlash and/or writers using it to devalue her as a character, rather then opening up new options.
For what it's worth, I consider Adam and Eve to be in the same category, for the exact same reason and will leave it at that to avoid going off tangent.

2. Originally the Fausta referred to a another character.  Maybe somebody who is more familiar with the WW franchise can recommend a female nazi like character who better fits a similar motif?

3. Empowerment is an interesting concept, but I'm actually interested in how you could use it.

I'll be blunt, I am not sure how I would use it myself.

a. Empowerment is a term usually referred to as female empowerment, and that can often alienate your male demographic.

b. Empowerment takes away focus from the main character.  By giving to others in such a comic situation, it might sideline the character.
This is something I don't want to do for a flagship character

I can however twist it to reflect back to my original thesis, The truth will empower, and could use it for storytelling.

I can also revise it and twist it to the following cribbed heavily from mainframe entertainment.

"You have taken a hopeless cause and giving us a fighting chance."

That I can see.

I am sure somebody can figure that out and I would like to hear any and all options. :)

4. Even though Comic storytelling has gotten a lot more complex, it still has at it's base a simple conflict of good guy vs bad guy and having a warrior aspect really helps focus it.

 It makes things easier for the purposes of storytelling and there is a lot of past material that can show it can be used.  It also helps simplify the storytelling to make it easier to get behind.

It was the one thing I really liked when they did the WW animated movie :).

5. The military aspect was basically to offset something that really bugs me about how she's often presented as a greek bumpkin in a lot of stories, which, in my opinion, devalues her character.

Since a lot of precrisis stories had her working with the military and her character as a secret agent, it gives any potential writer another tool in their arsenal.

6. When I say general, I don't necessarily mean that she's hiding on the back lines.  I would see her more of a "alexander the great" type general, in the thick of things and pointing things out to her allies, and barking the occasional order.

7. The last thing I need to mention is the wonder woman pilot dubbed "pants to be darkened."  In many ways  it's almost like they took my ideas and twisted them to be grim dark and then mixed it with touches of a bad chick flick.

One thing wonder woman should never be is psychotic. :eek:

Heck, another good use of her is as envoy.

Use her to bring a spotlight to the DC universe and act as a observer to ensure things run according to U.N. mandate.

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