Thursday, July 30, 2015

Anaylsis of Colosonaut era - Part 1

Anaylsis of Colosonaut era

Okay now that the arc is done my two cents.

If there are two words i had to say to determine the colossonaut saga, it would be wasted potential.

We were told, not shown, that Cyttorak had given Colossus more power then classic Juggernaut.

However, we were never shown this. After his great stalemating of Kuurth, he pretty much did little of consequence into the background. 

If somebody has a list of classic feats of juggernaut, I'd love it to have it posted, because then we can compare it to colossus' feats below.

Colossus appreciation thread

I can almost guarentee you that he did little to nothing of consequence with the new power.

Here are the few I remember.


1. the sinister story arc: sinister shows up, takes over the xtinction team, and colossus has his helmet on.

sinister should have felt like he was in a cage match with a god and be shaking.

one optic blast later, he was receptive like everybody else.

Don't get me wrong, this is a common way to defeat classic juggernaut. namely get the helmet off and mindscrew him.

but other then a head squish (which colossus could have done anyways), what did he do to show his new power level?

2. Tabula Rosa: I remember precisely one thing from this that might have shown it.

When Magik got captured, he morphed up and basically singlehandedly killed the alien monsters.

sounds awesome right.

It happened off screen...grumble.

Plus recent info might mean that magik was merely toying with him by allowing herself to be captured. So off screen and inconsequential.

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