Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Rob-prepping – Surviving a Fantasy Kingdom - Part 2

Fighting – how to survive against your betters.​

While there are exceptions, assume that getting into a fight with anybody is suicide. Even if you win, you might be too injured to use it to your advantage.Besides the above skills, it is best to learn how to block stuff with a weapon that will be allowed just about anywhere: A simple staff. Even just some basic blocks will give you enough time to run like heck, and it’s usually not considered a weapon by most.


Your mind is your greatest weapon. Even if you show up naked, it’s difficult to remove the knowledge that you have accumulated.

This will be split up into two categories: Universal and specific.
Universal: This is basic knowledge that should serve you well regardless of the environment.
1.Sewing: You might have to sew up your clothes, or your wounds. Seeing as most of us have lived a fairly calm lifestyle, it’s a good idea to start small just in case.
2.Basic Woodworking: Even the most rudimentary skills at wood working will give you a chance to survive a lot of situations.
3. First Aid: Simple stuff like keeping your wounds clean will allow a greater degree of survival when you get there.
4. Languages: If you can, try to learn a common language that isn’t normally spoken in that world. Chinese is a particular favorite, but don’t be surprised if there isn’t time.

Must reads

Books:The way Things Work, The Barefoot Doctor’s Manual
Shows: The Worst Jobs in History

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