Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Rob-prepping – Surviving a Fantasy Kingdom - Part 1

…and making it work in your favor.


So you have the foresight and intuition to know that you are going to be dragged to a fantasy kingdom of some sort.

Congratulations, you have joined a prestigious group that ranges from Samuel Clemmons to the Decepticons.
This rough guide is designed for fun, education and a cautionary tale, just in case.
Note: This manual assumes you will get 3 months of prep. While I tried to prioritize your to do list, any reduction of this list might cause additional problems.

Physical prep​

Probably the thing that will take the most time is getting your body up to snuff. Most fantasy kingdoms are made up on heroes with superior physical stats.
You will not have the same physical stats as the named characters, but you should get yourself up to usebility.

1.Endurance: It is doubtful you will be able to get a horse to begin with and honestly, most fantasy kingdoms are stupidly big without magic. Start a morning walking routine and try to do at least 30 minutes of it a day.
Even if you don’t get transported, it’s good for you :p.

2.Cardio: When you get there, expect to do a lot of running. It’s the one thing that will transfer over and getting your cardio will compensate for your lack of physical stats. Zombieland had the right idea: Cardio will keep you alive in short bursts.
Do something aerobic at least 3x a week. Some suggestions include tennis/ping pong, swimming and biking.

3.Anarobic: Test your strength before you start. You need to keep track of how much you can lift and carry, cause it could make the difference between life and death. While weight lifting can be useful, it’s a low priority compared to Endurance and cardio.

4.Medical checks: Know your limitations: If you’re on medication, you might not have access to it when you transfer over, so figure out alternatives as best you can. Also if you have any artificial limitations, you might want to see if they have equipment to compensate. Glasses might be available, but they will be of a lower quality, and if you need an artificial limb, you may have to compensate with a good piece of wood.

Finally get your shots up to date. They might not transfer over, but do you really want to take a chance?

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