Thursday, January 21, 2016

Top 10 Movie Experiences for 2015

I have a weird mix of movies that I liked this year.  But due to the nature of the movies I'd say it was more the experiences, then the movie itself:


I think we saw it in the cheap theatres in early 2015, so this one is pushing it, but honestly, I enjoyed it so much, it was inspiration for some of my writings (I'm sure you can figure out which one).  Plus it was fun and had better thrills and spills then I seriously expected.  Plus the high point is when somewhere in the front of the theatre, small children were booing Peter Capaldi (and and the greatest no I've heard came from a small child when Paddington started falling). An incredibly fun and enjoyable experience. :)

Mad Max Fury Road

I came off this movies with both serious apprehension (after hearing the development hell from the through the aftermath podcast), and after the relative letdown of Avengers: Age of Ultron.  I was not disappointed.  it also let me reconnect with a few old friends so very much an enjoyable day. :)

Mr. X.

Ever see a movie that feels like an 80's cop movie with a touch of Darkman for good measure.  This was it and the music was awesome.  Despite being bollywood, it only had a whopping 2 songs, but cripse the soundtrack was fun (all major character's had their own theme and they kept bobbing up against each other).  So buying the sound track.

RiffTrax Live: The Room (2015)

One of the things that cheezes me is the feed from rifftrax live only crosses over the 49nth parallel occasionally.  This is one of those times.  I was in the biggest mall in north america with a work buddy and it let loose with both barrels.  So look forward to seeing it again with a few buddies for their reaction.

Ant Man

This one I honestly thought would be the one that broke Marvel's record.  Instead it lead to a most enjoyable afternoon with friends and family.  Who knew ants could be cute? (answer, those that watched honey I shrunk the kids.) :p.

It also let to...

The Man from Uncle

This is the spy movie with all the heart the James Bond movies were missing.  The team felt like an spy adventuring party dealing with saving the world (complete with character sheets at the end :p).  This is one of the few times I felt like there was dual leads. The sound track was bloody phenomenal. Guy Ritchie you did good work and hope there's a sequel. :)

Shaun the Sheep Movie

I saw this one on my birthday with no expectations. I heard it was good, but never had ever seen much of shaun the sheep before.  It was an absolute hoot and I'm happy to say it was a most enjoyable birthday present.

Turbo Kid

This one was sprung on me by a coworker.  I was told about it so looked for a showing within the city.  We went to a heritage theatre to see it and it as big a blast as Mad Max was earlier.  In fact the 80's music and the cast, while definitely on a budget, was a r rated post apocalyptic slug fest...on bikes!  Plus the main female protagonist steals the show time and time again.  makes me glad to be Canadian again. :)

Back to the Future - The Fan Event

I was too young for back to the future back in the day, but I pushed for me and a few buddies to watch at least the first movie during the same day Doc Brown shows up in the future.  The closest description I had was going to a concert.  We met people who were literally born on this day and had been waiting all their lives for this. We saw a ton of orange lifejackets and a good time was had by all.  Here's hoping 2017 does the Running Man for the same reason. :)

RiffTrax Live: Miami Connection

This one didn't cross the border, but I had backed the kickstarter so saw it with buddies at my place in front of the old tv.  It was incredibly silly 80's goodness with one definitive martial artists and the rest just hamming it up.  Plus Mike and the boys really enhanced the humor.  Following it up with a marathon of Moonbeam city, made me want that the 80's back again. :)

Here's to a 2016 that's equally as fun. :)

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