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Dungeonhack 101 - Part 1 - Useful items

This is stuff I remember from back in usenets.

Not sure whom the original writer is, but if you recognize the writing, let me now. :)

Useful items

Used books
-Useful for starting a fire, relieving yourself, and thiefs who want to back up how they can use the "Read Languages" skill. Plus it's a book. You know, you read them.

Map/scroll case
-Prevents tearing, and probably a deal of, you know, FIRE. You just KNOW you're gonna come across a scroll or two eventually.

-Light for non-infravision PCs, used to light oil wicks, plus a better weapon then nothing in a pinch.

Glass bottle(s)
-Watch "Die Hard." Plus get a bottle shattered in your face/eye.

Signal whistle
-In case you can't yell for some reason, or your voice won't be heard. Got seperated and ran into a troll with 8 HP? Give a (signal) whistle. (And hope your party isn't secretly Chaotic Evil.)

-I can't stress this enough. Always, always, ALWAYS have a dagger in your boot.

Sometimes your going to want to be able to handle something without actually touching it. PC: "Okay, I open the lid to the treasure chest..." GM: "Hehehehe... Roll a save vs poison Hackboy, there was a contact poison on the inside of the lid." PC: "Uhn-Uh, oh ScreenMonkey... I am wearing light leather gloves!" Best 1gp I ever spent.

You wear it as one, roll up in as a blanket, keeps rain off of you(and animal droppings) use it as a makeshift stretcher for a dead or unconscious comrade(personally, that's what the spell Animated Corpse is for) Lastly, you can always cut it into srips for bandages.

use it on floors, walls wherever needed for a quick reference while on the run.

Towels: you can wear them, you can use them to dry off, you can use them to hold stuff, you can soak them in herbs and use them as poultices, you can use them to bind broken bones, you can use them as bedrolls, you can wet them and use them as modified whips or as a tool for bending bars, you can use them to filter gas, you can use them to strain water, you can use them to blind an opponent, and several other uses.

I can't believe you forgot rope, that's the thing with about 1000 different uses lol. All my characters make a point to carry at least 50 feet of rope, silk or otherwise, and a grappling hook for emergenices.

a small wooden ball
Cast a Light spell on it and roll it down the hallway in front of the party. Really tends to ruin the Monsters initiative.

You should buy a net.

Why? If you are in a room with a darkness spell seperating the party have one person take the net and walk though the darkness while another stands on the otherside. Then walk down the length of the spell catching what ever you can. Our group called this "Operation Dolphen Safe

Fill a pouch with flour. Hang it on your belt.
1) In an emergency, you can fling it in an enemy's
face, giving yourself a few seconds to act.
2) Use it against invisible attackers if you have nothing
3) If someone steals your pouch, he might get the one
with the flour instead of the one with the money.
4)    trade it for a gold idol resting on a weight trap. Use it to mark doors or show if anyones been in a room (like say when you leave your room at the inn)

Potters clay...
Take and mould it around any Gems you find and dry them or fire them that way when someone tries to rob you all they find are these little rocks on your person.

crowbars? Not only for busting open chests and doors, but they make great alternatives to clubs, they can be used to find secret doors, nifty snacks for Rust Monsters, tied up with rope for makeshift grappling hooks, and a variety of other things

A dutch oven or skillet.. Make a handy weapon or cook a mean breakfast.

A bag of shiny, colorful glass marbles. Handy for deterring pursuit or for bartering with less-than-bright monsters.

A ball of wax. Useful for taking impressions, making molds of things like keys, covering weapons so they don't get wet and rusty. Occasionally useful for making disguises.

A set of clothes COMPLETELY different from what your character would normally wear. The guards might be looking for Wistrix the Wizard, but they might very well ignore the raggedy old beggar in the alley.

have noticed that noone has mentioned a map case...
they hold the parties scribblings about where they/ve been, or thier adventure log...etc.
They also are great when you take both ends off of it, and it makes for a dandy improvises snorkle when you ahve to go swimming

Another one, a bell, use the rope, tie the bell to it, and ring it around a campsite...a creature comes close, rings the bell, warnings are awesome....

one last thing....and this one is almost always left out in every character sheet I have come across......Caltrops
toss them down and your persuers are slowed almost immediately...and if they arent, well then you should have some good running shoes on, buz thats one tough monster after you behinds

Usefulness will vary widely from one campaign to another. But if it is at all useful in your campaign, it doesn't take up a lot of room or weigh a lot

Things no character can do without:
(Listed in the order they are in the PHB)
A keg of alcohol (great for trade, bribes, and throwing)
Cloak (thousands of uses, very cheap. a fantasy staple)
Gloves (protect your hands! AC 9 is better than AC 10 on crits, too)
Large belt pouch (keep all your knick knack items handy)
Glass bottle (always carry a spare for collecting liquids)
2 large sacks (thousands of uses, and very light and cheap)
Bullseye lantern (because its better)
2 flasks of oil
Torches (always carry a couple for emergencies)
Iron Rations (always, ALWAYS keep a week's worth in reserve)
Chalk (atleast three sticks)
Mirror, small metal (surprising number of uses)
Signal whistle
Winter blanket (always nice to be prepared for inclement weather)
Flint and steel
Grappling hook (variable usefulness, but makes climbing much easier)
Ink vial (for writing and marking things; MU characters usually carry atleast 4 different colors)
Paper (atleast 5 sheets, or some other form of parchment)
Pen, quill (to write with)
Dagger/knife (yet another basic survival tool)
Sewing needle (so you can sew your own wounds and other's)

Winter blanket
Not to mention it can be cut up and used to help bandage wounds (esp if for whatever reason you are lacking on a first aid kit. Or take that empty glass bottle, fill it with lamp oil and stuff a strip of the blanket in the top, light and throw. The strips can also be used as makeshift gloves, just wrap around hands and touch what ever might have a posion on it then toss the strips (best part, don't have to get posion on your gloves either], and those are just some of the ideas of had.

......I never leave with a couple of fresh nets and greek oil or brandy......Makes a nice trap for monsters when you soak the net with before said item with flamable stuff....then have it drop on a couple of mobs with a flaming arrow to follow shortly........Gawd I love D&D.

1. Acid, so many uses: You can burn through stubborn locks, use it as an effective torturing tool (for those NPC's that won't spill the beans), burn through ropes, thin metal bars, etc.

2. Take some powdered peppers and put them in a belt pouch. In an emergency, you can throw them at your opponents eyes. Works like a pepper spray, they'll have a hard time seeing or doing anything else for a few rounds as they rub it deeper into their eyes

3. Twelve foot pole. Its a must to avoid traps, because those crafty GM's will think you have a 10 foot pole, so when you kindly discribe to them your 12 foot pole, they are going to be a bit miffed

4. Hard Liquor. I've seen far to many players think they can go for weeks without something to drink, and its especially useful as a molotov cocktail or to get a group of guards sloshed so you can take their stuff

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