Thursday, January 28, 2016

Childhood Television memories - Part 1 my earliest memories

As a Canadian, I had a slightly different cultural identity then many on the internet.

Adam West batman, Get Smart, and 60's spiderman (which has heavy involvement of the Wayne and Shuster support team) are pretty much a given.

but for me, it was the following shows:

Rocket Robin Hood

A Bear called Jeremy (which besides being my earliest childhood memory, had a metaplot :p)

The Mighty Hercules (with the single greatest monster sound of all time.  Pity they kept recycling it).

Max 2000 year old mouse

Batfink and Karate (excuse the racism)

The Original Mighty Mouse

Inspector Gadget

Thunderbirds 2086

The Wonderful Stories of Professor Kitzel


The Friendly Giant       

Mr Dressup

Wayne and Shuster (also known as awesome)

What are the shows you remember from the dawn of your existence?

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