Thursday, August 4, 2016

Gotham - Season 02 - A Perspective.

I decided to do a marathon of Gotham recently.

I came to the conclusion it is theatre sports the show.

The acting is surprisingly good, but the storytelling is very disjointed.

It is vastly improved from season 1, but it's honestly trying to be game of thrones with better ethics.

The Good

Penguin:  The Penguin's actor continues to excel, but he was used as a theatre sports tool.  While it made sense in the storyline, it felt like we were getting a "penguin for all occasions."
It's amazing how much we sympathised with the Penguin despite he is pretty much a horrible, abet organised monster.

I hated how they fridged both parents because  One of the greatest what if's of this series we never got Paul Ruebin and Carol Kane on stage at the same time, because both were fantastic and I'd love to have watched them feed on each other.

He and Butch with the Rocket Launcher pretty much stole the entire series.

As sacrilegious as it might be, I would have had him disappear for a season after he got cured, and only show up twice.  1. with butch and the rocket launcher and 2. when fish mooney showed up later.

Riddler:  It broke my heart to see him fall down (because I think he really loved her), but he's now officially a full fledged supervillain.  It's kind of fascinating how, unlike penguin, he really is insane and it makes his actions all the more heartbreaking.  His saving of Penguin showed serious chemistry between both characters, and his scene with Catwoman in the ventilation shaft was brilliant.  I'm getting a serious vibe that Penguin, Riddle and Catwoman are most likely going to be one faction in the next season which will ultimately lead to the foundation of the rogues gallery when they decide to do batman (most likely after the series ends).

Catwoman:  I like where she is.  She's the most sociable of the characters able to cross the hero/villain line unlike just about anybody else.  I also love how they kept her as a thief with a heart of gold. She really is in a difficult position overall.

Captain Nathaniel Barnes:  I think this character was fantastic, but truth be told, I could watch Michael Chiklis read the phonebook.  He is, quite honestly, the last good cop in gotham that hasn't been corrupted in some fashion, which makes his contrast with Gordon all the more telling.  In many ways, he played the role, Harvey Dent and/or Jim Gordon should have played.  The white knight fighting againt an overwhelming force.  I hope he survived and will be back next season.

Harvey Bullock:  He was, along with Penguin, the main draw last season.  His abrasive but well meaning style still rocks, but I disliked him being sidelined somewhat.  Still, I'm looking forward to his new authority as police commissioner, a role he really doesn't want, but has help reduce his corruption significantly.

Getting There

Barbera Keane:  The fact she's being listed here should say a lot about her improvement as a character.  In season 1, I hated her character as a self righteous twit.  However, as a psychotic villain, she seems to have come into her own.  I'm still not sure where they are leading with it, but I look forward to the ride.

Hugo Strange:  This strange hybrid of Fu Manchu and William Shatner really grew on me.  I like how he's using Arkham to make monsters and will be responsible for why the freaks beat the mob.
He chewed the scenery like cardboard, but he was a good catalyst of things to come.

Victor Fries:  My favourite version of Fries  will always be the DCAU version and it always broke my heart when they made him a loathsome monster in the reboot. However, in gotham, it sort of works, and it's kind of funny how he was the catalyst for the era of freaks.  In many ways, his arc is how all of gotham's story arcs should have happened: 3 parts focus, with small consequences.

Firefly:  I felt for her hard in her own arc, and she's a living embodiment of why Catwoman doesn't trust adults.  After her Resurrection, she's even worse with the delusions of a goddess.  I'm not sure if her arc is done, but I kind of want more.

Leslie Thompkins:  It's annoying she had to be cut out part way during the season, but overall I liked the character.  I just wish she was more then "Gordon's woman."

The Meh

Alfred:  he's the closest to getting there or the good as you can get without actually being there. Sean Pertwee does a great job, but he really is the beta lead in this show, which means he doesn't get the girl, and gets beat up a lot.  If he wasn't so lovable, I'd probably be angry with his portrayal.

Lucius Fox:  Not a bad character per say, but he comes off as "that black friend" and a civilian rather then a main character.

Jerome:  I know a lot of people liked him as Joker Junior, and while he didn't irritate me, I thought he took away valuable screen time from other, more interesting characters.  I cheered when he died, and grew dismayed when he came back from the dead.

Jim Gordon:  He's better then last season, but I find him the least interesting character in this series made all the worse because he's a focal character.  I kind of want a season where Jim isn't there, just to see how bad it would go.

Young Bruce Wayne:  He managed to dig himself out of the bad character with a few solid scenes, but honestly, he annoys me on screen.  I'd rather have him, spend the rest of the series in europe. :p

Theo Galavan:  This character makes sense and annoys me at the same time.  Despite being a horrible monster in the name of revenge for the 1st part, he's technically in the right.  There is a council of families that have messed up Gotham and made it what it is today.  However, his methods are bonkers without being entertaining.  While it was kind of fun seeing him become Azrael in the 2nd act.  But honestly, he kinda felt like a waste of limited time.

Fish Mooney:  I can take or leave the character, and while her return made many rage, I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt ,as she is most likely to be the driver for the next season.

The Bad

I think ultimately this series has too many characters so it's becoming a muddled mass that is difficult to follow.  they almost need to cull the cast to get better storytelling.

What I want.

Honestly, I'm not sure.  I think it was more enjoyable as I caught up after the season was over and while I'd love to see most of the people listed under the good and getting there, I might do something similar for the next season as it seemed to have less stewing time to point out it's flaws.

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