Thursday, June 16, 2016

Why the TV is losing the Internet War

More and more people are "cutting the cord" and I'm going to tell you why.

1. Harddrive Failure.

When I first got my pvr, I enjoyed the national geographic channel.

For the first 6 months, it ran relatively well.

Then the harddrive crashed and stopped working. Losing everything on it.

This would not be a problem in itself, if I would have been able to back it up,  but it's not an option.

However, if there is a legit and effective way to record off a pvr onto another source, please let me know. :)

2. Recording Times.
1. this is probably the most damning part of the system.
When I want to tape something, I want minimal issues.

I was and still am a Mythbusters fan, but my pvr decided to record old episodes and not the new ones.

I checked around and found out I was not the only person being affected by this.

They were not encoding their signal properly.

I also had a recent event where I had set my recent pvr to take lost ship and got asylum movies instead.  If a show is cancelled, it should send a signal so you don't record it.

This is a real problem as if you try to record something legally, and it doesn't record, most people will seek other options.

3. Regional Blocking.

Okay it didn't record the show you wanted.

You go to the internet to watch it from their website...and it's not available in your country.

Congratulations, I now need to go get a vpn connection in another country or even less ethical means to watch something I was perfectly happy to tape and watch.


I would like to hear your own stories and experiences and/or reasons why you are angry at your tv service and also why you may have cut the cord.

Ultimately, a tv should be treated like a restaurant and a service, more so, as with competitors like netflix, people will seek other pastures.

Otherwise your cable companies will shift their business to just supplying the internet and charge more for it.

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