Thursday, May 5, 2016

TLC - what would I do.

I miss tlc

I miss how it used to be  one of the better channels.

I'll skip the popular, chase execs and reality show members with whiffle bats revenge porn and instead point to what I would do.

My choices harken back to the era of John-Rhys Davis teaching archaeology and James Burke - connections cubed.

1. ANCIENT NERDS!: These guys built the devices that changed the universe and built stuff centuries to millenia before they became mainstream...They are the ancient nerds. Archimedes, Leonardo davinci, and heck even Charles Babbage. You can also focus on an item instead of a person such as the babylonian batteries, the steam engines of rome, the automation of greek temples.

2. Ancient Scandals: Tell us about the scandels of ancient history. Show us the power plays of rome, the war of the roses, and the a reality show. If it's going to be fake, might as well learn about something.

3. The show of imaginary places: Show us places like Dante's inferno, Atlantis, OZ, Middle earth and the history behind them...with the expressed understanding that these places are fake. Bonus points by making fun of wingnuts that believe this stuff.

4. Bizarre science: Show us the stories of scientific knowledge and history that is so bizarre. Show us a hard core trading show, that involves the dutch and tulips. Show us Milkikan dropping oil and why.

5. Great battles that changed the done by coplayers: Go around the country and get civil war reenactors, historical clubs and the sca and show us the great events. Hell, I'd pay good money to see an reenactment of hannibal's use of elephants on the battlefield. ;)

6. Horrors of science: Chemistry, nuclear physics, biological experiements. If we're going to have a horror show, let's give them nightmares. Late night friday night. Give it an 18a rating and watch the fcc throw a hissy fit. ;)

7. Get your ass to mars: a show unabashedly with the goal to get a manned flight to mars, the complications and a list of congressmen to lobby the crap out of to ensure nasa's funding doesn't get cut again.

8. So you want to be a scientist?: A kid show that gives kids the skills they need to learn how to be a proper nerd.

9. the Skeptics guide to the universe: the series. Get the novella clan and watson and give them one hour to rant with a budget and a ranking. Heck, get dumbass, astro stu and the conspiracy skeptic to have their own segments to cut down on their workload. If they are shy about being on camera....use southpark like avatars :D.

bring back the following:
Connections (now called connections 5th dimension)
Junk Yard Wars - hell cross it with that horders show and you kill 2 birds with one stone.

Use reruns as a classic night
great castles of europe
ancient warriors
desmond morris: the human animal
great battles that changed the world
anything by James Burke.
terry jones - the crusades
anything with tony robinson.
and even though it is pbs: where in the world is carmen sandiego.

and get the following:
Scientific america - the series

and if you want to get children involved: steal from the daily show and do "great debates as read by children" :p.

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