Saturday, March 26, 2016

My Next Project - The Saurials of the Hidden Vale

While drevrpg 5e is coming together, I wanted to try something smaller to improve my knowledge of the system and to scratch an seriously old itch

The reopening of the D.M.s guild to allow others to publish and sell forgotten realms material has gotten me thinking.

It lit a fire based on an old passion.

Namely the Saurials

I remembered reading the Finder Stone's trilogy a long time ago in a world far far away (called Faerun).

I always loved the idea of an alien dinosaur humanoid species that communicated with scents, had unlimited class levels in 2e, and dinosaur paladins.

I played a Hornhead Saurial wizard in 2e and he was one of my legacy characters.

So I did some followups to see what had been done.

I was disappointed with the results.  One Dragon Article, one web expansion in 3rd edition and that was pretty much it.

4e was worse. Thanks to netheril, it looked like they had pretty much been written out of the world (driven underground is pretty much the canon equivelent of "being put on a bus.")

So I sat down and decided, what could I do with the concept?

The Saurials have been on Faerun for about 200 years.  I wanted to connect them to the Forgotten Realms so they would be not easily written out in the future as well as explain what had happened during this time.

Additionally Paleotology has been a passion of mine and concepts have changed so much since the finder stones trilogy was written.

I want to give it that 2e sourcebook feel, and will try to keep it to public domain pics for the artwork (because quite frankly, I can't draw worth a darm).

I've done some stewing, but created this thread below for a bunch of crazy ideas as well as any crazy dinosaur facts to see where it leads?

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