Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Villains - the 12 Days Gang


Done in the manner of the royal flush gang in dc universe, I present the 12 days gang .
  • Partridge: Commander and master of plant control; rarely seen without it's walking pear tree.
  • Turtle Dove: the face of the group and master of vibrokinetic waves (uses these to influence both reactions of people and to strike them down).
  • La Hen: the muscle, turns from an ordinary chicken to a feathered carnasaur
  • The Caller: Give the power of preacher: one word commands.
  • Golden Ringer: Think Gold Balls from the xmen. Able to generate solid gold rings that can expand and contract on command. master at ring toss.
  • Geese "Laurel": master of akiddo, low level telepathy allows them to predict enemies moves to automatically counter.
  • Swan the swimmer: Hydrokinetic hottie that carries a surf board.
  • The Dancer: Able to open the dimensional portals with a jaunty jig. He also wields the christmas sword as seen in narnia
  • The Leaper: Think bactroc, but more festive. he uses a lasso to tie up his enemies.
  • The Piper: Summoner of animals, particularly rats. Arch Enemy of squirrel girl.
  • The Drummer of doom: can use their drums to control the earth itself and lay down the smackdown

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