Thursday, August 13, 2015

Anaylsis of Colosonaut era - Part 3

Now as a fan, I feel it is my obligation to not just complain, but also show how things could be better

some of this has been posted elsewhere, but is being put in place for ease of reading.

for starters, colossus in general.

1. Show, not tell he is a class 100 brick: He needs at least one feat of strength per comic he is involved in. As well as one example of durability. Even one quick panel would improve the character.

2. Show why he is, more often then not, the confident of many of his friends: There is a reason why he's close with Wolverine, Nightcrawler and Storm. 

3. Show why Kitty loves him: He should be a sensitive gentlemen who opens doors, pulls out chairs. Now that they are broken up, we need to see as he mends his broken heart that he's a sucker for a damsel in distress, even if he's trying to hide his fealings.

4. Show why Illyana and Piotir are close: The raputin siblings, when together, should almost be teambreakers on their own. 

5. Show his artistic side: A fun thing to do is make him the illustrator for one of the x-men comics and have it told from his point of view.

6. Every so often, show that legendary temper of his: It's a long fuse, but when it breaks, it should be like setting off a nuke.

7. Give him some decisive wins: Often Colossus is a victim of the "worf effect". When he's involved it should be a "dear god" event as he lumbers towards you and your puny weapons just bounce off. 

You remember that feeling in x2...more of it. 

8. Play on his russian heritage and use it to launch stories.

9. colossus is uniquely suited for fighting the supernatural: besides being a class 100 brick, he's fully environmental (which means you can blind him, but not poison him and can wade through fire and brimstone with minimal effects), plus his osmodium steel body has many similar qualities to cold iron...which usually does a number on most supernatural creatures.

cold iron is bad enough, but being slammed by a class 100 strength punch made out of it should make most demons lives a lousy day.

His history seems to agree with me. In inferno saga, he was all but immune to most of the magical effects (to say nothing of one of the greatest body tackles of all time on the demon lord s'ym).

10. Beefcake: As much as I loath to say it, colossus is a perfect candidate for...well beefcake shots. Women and gay men need their pron too .


usage of him in the colossalnaut era.

I'm of serious mixed feelings on him being cytorak's avatar. Honestly, he should be quite literally unstoppable against just about anybody at this point.

1. His big win was stopping Kuurth in his tracks, but he needed more of these. He didn't get them. 

2. what about Kurt?: his best friend died and he now has the power to save him.

hell I even came up with a scenerio to try it:


magik finds out that nightcrawler's soul has been grabbed by mephisto.

colosonaut then demands to be dropped in hell.

he then makes a b-line towards where his soul is being kept...allowing nothing to get in his way. Even elder demons are not as "unstoppable" as the juggernaut.

when he gets there, he demands the soul as his own and cykorrat backs him up...mainly because he sees mephisto as a rival.

if done right, it would have great visuals and be up there with doom quest.

plus it could be a great way to make a monster manual and/or a future nemesis.

edit: use magik as his virgil and it could give her some good character development as well.


Post Colossalnaut era

It's starting with promise. Colossus has been betrayed by everybody he has sworn to protect and needs some recovery time. From what I understand he's going to be on the run so it's going to be heck to get that. Shacking up with mercs, we might be able to get those "made of rage moments" that he despirately needs.

He needs to also stay the heck away from the x-men. Even discounting Illyria's [Spoony]BETRAYAL![/Spoony] as far as he's concerned, his friends betrayed him as well. They have to mend a ton of fences if they want their beloved gentle giant back.

Aftermath: I'm of seriously mixed feelings about how easy it was to remove it. It makes the pathos greater, but I kinda hope that it wasn't perfect. It would show maybe Illyana isn't as all powerful as she thinks she is in limbo. Cyttorak should haunt Peter and maybe have left a fragment or two in his psyche and his power base. If he ever gets made of rage again, maybe the channel reopens.

This will also setup a mortal enemy with Juggernaut as he's now in a relationship where he's considered 2nd choice for the power he's bearing. This should give Cain his flashbacks with his brother charles and setup a ton of potential for stories.

Rogues Gallery: Besides being on the run from the avengers, betrayed by the x-men and possibly having a vindictive juggernaut on his trail, this could be a good time to setup a personal rogues gallery. From jobs gone wrong with cable, to the return of russian meta humans such as omega red (fox's cartoon's greatest repackaging), He also will get illyana's overflow of demonic rivals who think he's the weakest link, even if they aren't on speaking terms right now. A good rogues gallery will make him easier to use.

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